Moral Stories  - Wisdom Fables    (Animated CD-Rom/VCD-DVD)

Moral Stories - Wisdom Fables (Animated CD-Rom/VCD-DVD)

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Vision Interactive
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): B 001 0606 99


Buzzers presents the wisdom Fables, created from selected stories based on Panchantatra, where these stories journey through the jungle world of speaking animals. These stories have aroused the interests of the children and influenced the wisdom thing of them worldwide.

These carefully selected stories are presented in a truly world class movie type animation which will lead the children into visual imagination and understand the stories, morals and the wisdom behind them.

Let’s us enter the enchanting world of wisdom through Wisdom Fables!

This CD carries 9 Animated Stories:
1. Naughty elephant
2. Lucky Billy
3. Blue Fox
4. Big Talk
5. The Talking Cave
6. Lamba long Ears
7. Run, Run
8. Super Mouse
9. Arnold Fox Negger