Zero Oil Soups Salads & Snacks

Zero Oil Soups Salads & Snacks

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 102
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978189491475


Soups and salads seem very healthy on first look, but on deeper analysis you can find the hidden calories in the form of ingredients like milk, cream and croutons in the former and oily dressings in the latter.

But the truth is that almost any dish can be made healthy and low calorie. Zero-Oil cookbooks are a perfect key to master this art of cooking. All you need to do is select nutritious ingredients, modify the cooking method and change the proportion of ingredients slightly.

Hope you enjoy making these recipes, resulting in happier and healthier meals for you and your family.


Tum Yum Soup
Noodle Soup
Potato and Carrot Soup
Hearty red Lentil Soup
Green Peas and Corn Soup
Vegetable Chowder
Rice Soup (Yayla)
Spicy Barley Soup
Mushroom soup
Green Peas and Mint Soup
Sweet Corn and Capsicum Soup
Hot and sour Soup

Fresh Garden Salad
Gado Gado Salad
Cabbages and Apple Salad
Summer Salad
Fruity Corn Salad
Garlicky Potato and Spinach Salad
Green Cool Salad
Mexican Mista
Waldorf Salad
Pasta Salad
Exotic fruit Salad
Sprouts and Veggie Salad
Fruit Platter with Low Cal Thousand

Oil-Free Vada Pav
Barley Idlis
Soya Dahi Vada
Zero Oil Potato Wafers with Mango salsa
Surna Chana Dal Tikkis
Vegetables on Skewer
Ragda Patties
Potato and Corn Kathi Rolls
Kothimbir Vadi
Rajma spinach Nibblets
Dal Pandoli

Khajur Imli Ki Chutney
Green Chutney
Fresh Garlic Chutney
Low fat Curds
Low fat Paneer