Book of indian sweets

Book of indian sweets

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Author: Satarupa Banerjee
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 75
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788129111234


India is a Land of tradition, of festivals celebrated with pomp and gaiety, each festival and region with its own distinctive repertoire of mouth-watering sweets. This Book of Indian Sweets is specially meant for those who think Indian sweets are difficult to prepare at home. Culinary expert Satarupa Banerjee includes more than a hundred easy-to-follow recipes. From all over the country, from delectable rosogollas and malpoas from the east, and jalebis and gajjar ka halwa from the north, to scrumptious puran poli and sheer khurma from the west and pal payasam and pongal from the south. The author has successfully blended flavours from the four corners of the country to tempt your sweet tooth, and encourages you to exercise your own culinary skills. Fully illustrated with colour photographs, this books is a must from the home-maker



1. Rosogolla
2. Rajbhog
3. Cham Cham
4. Rasomalai
5. Mooger Borfi
6. Balushahi
7. Makhane Ki Kheer
8. Kanchagolla
9. Notun Gurer Sandesh
10. Gujiyas


1. Gajjar Ka Halwa
2. Petha
3. Aamer Borfi
4. Halwa
5. Imarti
6. Pinni
7. Motichoor Laddoo
8. Jalebi
9. Besan Laddoo
10. Petha


1. Steamed Modak
2. Shrikand
3. Mava Malido
4. Koomas
5. Baath
6. Mohanthal
7. Puran Poli
8. Khajuri Ghari
9. Lagan Nu Kastan
10. Dahitran


1. Mysore Pak
2. Sevian Ka Muzaffar
3. Pal Payasam
4. Paruppu Payasam
5. Pongal
6. Double Ka Mitha
7. Adirasam
8. Sweet Murukku
9. Gil-e-Firdaus
10. Sapno Ka Meethas


1. Aam Kalakanda
2. Aamras Chawal