South Indian Paintings

South Indian Paintings

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Author: C Sivaramamurti
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123000529


This art-paper book with 53 Color Plates, 35 Monochrome and 20 Line drawings with articles and explanatory text is an invitation to review art in the South with a learned mentor, devoted to his subject.

India has a great tradition in art. In common with the rest of the country South India has magnificent examples to represent this tradition.

In Chinese art the representation is as the eye sees; in Indian art it is not only as the eye sees but also as the touch feels, as there is always effort to portray the volume of the figure. Paintings in India make an attempt at modeling.

This book by C Sivaramamurti on South Indian paintings is the product of his thorough knowledge of art in his native South India and of his intimate familiarity with Sanskrit texts, both those concerned primarily with the arts and those on other themes, referring incidentally to painting, painters and their methods. He has provided a framework of history within which to place the evolution of painting in the South, citing epigraphical evidence when pertinent.

This book for the first time brings together examples of paintings in the South, from the earliest fragments of murals still surviving, upto the paintings on walls, in albums and on panels of the recent past. It provides a coherent survey through periods and styles of painting in a part of India where art developed over a long period of time.

An Indian subject, interpreted through Indian vision and Indian sensibility.