The Ramayana Tradition in Asia

The Ramayana Tradition in Asia

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Author: V Raghvan
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 727
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788126027361


The Ramayana is one of the germinal sources linking the different cultures of the Indian subcontinent and the various nations of Asia. The story of Rama has pervaded deep into almost all regions, faiths and languages of Asia.

Sahitya Akademi, the most prestigious National Academy of letters in India ,considered it befitting to organize an international seminar in 1975 at New Delhi which proved to be culturally and intellectually rewarding exercise with the participation of over forty scholars from eleven countries, each an authority on the Ramayana lore in his language and region. The Ramayana Tradition in Asia is a unique collection of the papers presented at the seminar.


Programme of the Seminar

The Ramayana in Sanskrit Literature by V. Raghavan

The Old Javanees Ramayana, its Composer and Composition by Soewito Santoso

The Role of the Sacred Book in ReligionùThe Ramayana by Harry H. Buck

Ramacaritamanasa and its Relevance to Modern Age by Rev. C. Bulcke

Validity of the Ramayana Values by Sukumari Bhattacharji

Ramayana Manuscripts of Different Versions by U.P. Shah

The Migration of the Ramayana Story to Indonesia and some problems connected with the structure and contents of the Old Javanese Ramayana by Himansu Bhusan Sarkar

The Malaysian Ramayana in performance by Amin Sweeney

Ramayana in Malaysia by Ismail Hussein

The Ramayana in the Philippines by Jaun R. Francisco

The Ramayana Tradition in Kannada by V. Sitaramiah

Ramayana in Malayalam Literature and Folk-Lore by N.V. Krishna Warrior

Ramayana in Telugu Literature and Folk-Lore by C.R. Sarma

Jain Ramayanas and their Sources by V.M. Kulkarni

The Ramayana-Its Character, Genesis, History Expansion and Exodus by Suniti Kumar Chatterji

Ramayana in that Theatre by Chamlong Sarapadnuke

The Ramayana in Laos (Vientiane Version) by Kamala Ratnam

The Khvay Thuaraphi by Sachidanand Sahai

Ramayana in Burmess Literature and Arts by U. Thein Hand and U. Khin Zaw

Re-Creations of the Ramayana in Tamil and Hindi by S. Shankar Raju Naidu

Ramayana in Inscriptions by D.C. Sircar

Textual Theme of Ramayana in Japan by Prof. Minoru Hara

Ramayana in Nepali by Kamala Sankrityayan

Ramayana in Sinhala Literature and Its Folk Version by J.Tilakasiri

The Ramayana and its Impact on Gujarati Literature by Prof. Umashankar Joshi

Sri Ramayana in Tamilnadu in Art, throught and literature by R. Nagaswamy

Ramayana in Srilanka and Lanka of the Ramayana by C.E. Godakumbura

Tulasi-Dasa's Ramacaritamanas and Hindi and its Relationship to the Sanskrit Version of Valmiki The Tamil Version of Kamban, and that Version of King Rama I by S. Singaravelu

Bhusundi Ramayana and its Influence on the Mediaeval Ramayana Literature by Bhagwati Prassad Singh

Ramcharitamanas and the Performing Tradition of Ramayana by Induja Awasthi

Ramavatar (Ramayana) By Guru Gobind Singh by Baljit Tulsi

Ramayana in Kashmir Literature and Folk-Lore by P.N. Pushp

The Ramayana in Bengal by Bhabatosh Datta

Rama-Literature in Orissa and Its Influence on Indonesia by K.C. Sahoo

Ramayana in Manipuri Literature and Folk-Lore by E.Nilakanta Singh

Ramayana in Assamese Literature by Biswanarayan Shastri

Oral Tradition of the Ramayana in Bengal by Asutosh Bhattacharya

Ramayana in Oriya Literature and Oral Tradition by Nilamani Mishra

The Ramayana in Indian Sculpture by C. Sivaramamurti

Ramayana, the Epic of Asia by Lokesh Chandra

Ramayana in Mongolia by T. S. Damdinsuren

The Ramayana Tradition and the Performing Arts by Suresh Awasthi

Ramayana in Sculpture and Paintings in Thailand by M.C. Subhadradis Diskul

Ramayana in the Arts of Asia by Kapila Vatsyayan

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