J C Kumarappa  -  Mahatma Gandhi's Economist

J C Kumarappa - Mahatma Gandhi's Economist

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Author: Mark Lindley
Foreword/Introductio: Amlan Dutta
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179912809


In this fine analytical study of the work of J C Kumarappa, Mark Lindley rehabilitates a forgotten pioneer and shows the vital relevance of his ideas on current debates in ecological and development economics. Written in elegant prose, this book deserves a wider audience within the academy and beyond.

This book introduces us to the world of a highly sophisticated economist from whom present-day economists of the non-European regions have much to learn. Kumarappa’s view of the transformation of the Indian economy under the British…included a critique of the way in which orthodox Western economic theory abstracts an allegedly natural, impersonal market from all manner of social and political as well as ecological aspects of human life.

Mark Lindley not only tells a fascinating story of an almost forgotten Gandhian economist but also recounts the history of economics in light of the quest for justice and sustainability

About the book, Ramchandra Guha, Author and Columnist Writes:: A most interesting and unusual man.


Foreword by Amlan Datta
Author’s Acknowledgements
Two Portraits of Kumarappa
Author’s Introduction


1. Before Meeting Gandhi
2. Working with Gandhi
3. The Last Decades


1. Some Theoretical Background
2. Some of Gandhi’s Views
3. Some Broad Comparisons
4. Some Examples of Later Developments
5. Reflections