Nostradamus and Prophecies of the Next Millennium

Nostradamus and Prophecies of the Next Millennium

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Author: Ashok K Sharma
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 410
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817182014X


Bestselling author of the complete prophecies of Nostradamus, once again presents: the prophecies of Nostradamus with fresh explanations and contexts of the major changes that will shake entire world in the coming years:

Has time come for the third world war?
What would be the future of different countries & their leaders?
What would end: Terrorism or the World?
With the evidence drawn from the other prophecies as well sharma also established that in the coming millennium.
Another antichrist shall cause the world war-III
Several ancient nation may drown in the sea
A world government shall be formed

Includes an introduction to his life, a special chapter on India based on predictions of the legend called Nostradamus & many other interesting features. The original French Quatrains and English Translation are set side-by-side with interpretation by A K Sharma.



The Seer’s Life-History
Nostradamus Warns
Terrorism, Background for the third world war and the World’s End
Which will survive: Terrorism or The World?
The future of the world and its Leaders
Some More Important Prophesies Concerning Next Century
Letter to His Son
A Letter to King Henri II
India and Nostradamus
Century I
Century II
Century III
Century IV
Century V
Century VI
Century VII
Century VIII
Century IX
Century X
Century XI
Century XII