The Burden of Foreknowledge

The Burden of Foreknowledge

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Author: Jawahara Saidullah
Publisher: IndiaInk
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186939318


In 16th century India, when Nadee is swept away by the raging Yamuna, her life itself becomes a journey. A journey that takes her from her devastated village, Zameerpur, to the burning ghats of Kashi, to the courts of Agra and then on to the city of dreams, Fatehpur-Sikri.

Even as her life intertwines with history, barriers between the future and the past, the dead and the living break down until they become indistinguishable. In Akbar’s Hindustan, Nadee is the eternal wanderer and soothsayer.

She is doomed to love Kashi’s unattainable King of the Dead, the Dom Raja, to serve the legendary courtesan, Chhappan Chhoori, and then the almost mythical emperor, Akbar. When her newborn son, the legacy of her love, disappears, she slides further into madness and despair as she searches desperately for her one link to herself.

Nadee is blindingly aware of her destiny, though she remains powerless to change it. The Burden of Foreknowledge is a story that traces an unusual life, a life that brushes against greatness but remains inexorably trained towards its own ultimate fate. As the boundaries between reality and fantasy collide, the story reaches its climactic conclusion in the abandoned and desolate city of dreams, when Nadee finally achieves what has been predestined.



Changing Course
Kashi: City of the Dead
Ganga: River of Stories
House of Culture
Lessons Unlearned
Eleven Stairs
Chhappan Chhoori: Fifty-Six Knives
Andaliib-e-Jahan: Nightingale of the World
Yamuna: River of Secrets
Secret Victories
Child of Dreams
Marble and Alabaster
Mother and Child
No questions
Torrent of Dreams
City of Ghosts
Nadee: River of Life