A Funny Thing Happened at the Interview

A Funny Thing Happened at the Interview

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Author: Gregory F Farrell
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 248
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8184191952


Here’s the inside track on over 100 incredible but true job interview stories. Learn from these job-seekers mistakes and successes so you can survive the interview and get the job you really want!

A Funny Thing Happened at the Interview-with foreword by Steve Allen who created television comedy’s classic Man-On-the-Street Interviews-Shares the experiences of job hunters and interviewers. This book tells what really happens on the best and worst job interviews from both the candidates and interviewers points of view. While many of these stories are comical, they also vividly illustrate the do’s and don’ts of job interviewing, including:

Making that crucial first impression

Avoiding words, actions and other blunders that distract, insult or alienate interviewers

Recognizing when an interviewer is taking advantage of you for free advice

Knowing when your reaction to a blunder is more important than the blunder itself

Side-stepping a question effectively

Avoiding lunch interview no-no’s

Reacting to discrimination, sexual overtures, politically incorrect behavior, libel and many other obstacles

Avoiding wild-goose-chase interviews

Preparing for the seemingly innocuous but critically important why questions.

Realizing some jobs are not meant for you Learning you can say no to a job offer

And much, much more

This book covers virtually every situation you might encounter in a job interview-many you won’t believe anyone could encounter-and presents strategies for handling each effectively and with confidence. Whether you’re a first-time job-seeker, downsized corporate executive, hiring manager or human resources professional, you’ll find that the real-life case histories in this book educate , empower and inform as they entertain and inspire.


The use of real-life stores communicates the basics of job interviewing in a way that is fresh, entertaining and powerful.
-Robert W Bly, Author
Creative Careers

Humorous and insightful accounts of interviews…The end-of-story wrap-up is a unique approach to teaching valuable lessons…enjoyable and worthwhile...A must-read for any job hunter!
-Sandra Grabczynski
Director of Recruiting, Univ. of Michigan

George Bernard Shaw Said, When a thing is funny, search for a hidden truth. This book is both: funny and oh so true.
V John Guthery, President
Seagate Associates/Outplacement Intl

Offers important nuggets of real advice along with the chuckles. If you’re searching or hiring for a job, buy this book. It will help you make it through with your humor and sanity intact.
-Gina Kazimir, Executive director
Cecil country (MD) Arts Council, Inc.




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