Urdu Ghazals of Ghalib  (URDU-ENGLISH)

Urdu Ghazals of Ghalib (URDU-ENGLISH)

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Author: Yusuf Husain Khan
Publisher: Ghalib Institute
Year: 1977
Language: English
Pages: 449
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


A volume containing over seventeen hundred Urdu verses of Ghalib and their faithful and accurate translation into English.

Ghalib is generally considered to be the greatest poetic genius of the Urdu language. His poetry, and especially the ghazals are known and loved by all who have a knowledge of Urdu. Owing to the difficulty and obliqueness of his style, only a few casual attempts have so far been made to translate selections from his poetry into English.

Now for the first time the complete collection of ghazals of the current diwan alongwith a selection from the Hamidia edition has been translated into English by Dr Yusf Husain. His translation of Ghalib's poetry retains the spirit of the poet's work, and at the same time is a faithful rendering of his actual words and phrases.

EDITOR: Dr Yusuf Husain is an author of more than two dozen books in Urdu, English and French, and has made an intense study of the works of Ghalib for the last 50 years. His critical work on this poet, Ghalib aur Ahang-I-Ghalib is considered the standard authority on the subject.

His contribution to the study of Urdu literature is also exemplified by books such as the Ruh-I-Iqbal, Urdu Ghazal and Hafiz aur Iqbal.