The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary

The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary

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Author: R S McGregor
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003/2011
Language: Hindi
Pages: 1083
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195638468


A landmark in the description of Hindi, and an essential reference for all those concerned with Modern Hindi, whether students, scholars, translators, or in professional context.

This Dictionary reflects the dramatic development of Hindi in the twentieth century, giving extensive coverage of the modern standardized language, both spoken and literary. Its main features are: * Over 70,000 entries * Generous illustrative examples showing words in use * Modern regional variants * Coverage of Urdu vocabulary.

The tradition of lexicography in Hindi-Urdu goes some two centuries. The monumental Hindi sabd-sagar (1929) was the first major dictionary in the field of Hindi-Urdu to reflect the new circumstance es of use of Hindi in the twentith century. Yet the monolingual Hindi sabd-sagar itself drew on its predessors. One of these, J T Platt's Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1884) has continued to be regarded by speakers of English as a valuable complement to it for the study of both modern and early Hindi.

This work was planned in 1971, and by the time it was nearing compldetion, production by computer combining roman and Devanagari scripts had bvecome feasible. Dr K E Bryant of the University of British Columbia designed the Devanagari font; it was redrawn for typesetting this dictionary by Bruno Maag. An award by the British Academy made in 1985 covered most of the costs of inputting the materials to the computer.