Saints of India - Meera Prem Diwani     (MUSIC CD)

Saints of India - Meera Prem Diwani (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Ashit Desai
Composer/Compiler: Ashit Desai
Publisher: Times Music
Year: 10/2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): TDIDE378C


Meera was born a Rajput princess of unequal valour not on the battlefield but in her devotion and self-abandonment at the feet of the Lord. To Know Meera we must travel through her compositions and reach the kingdom of her pure existence. There at the entrance is the Gate of Silenc ewhich can be opened only with the resonance of her own lyrics. Once opened we enter the place of her inner being, a kingdom that pulsates with the beat of love and song. Let us travel through the Gates of Silence with Meera.

This Music CD has following tracks:

1. Heri Mein to Daran Diwani
Sadhan Sargam

2. Commentary

3. Sunyaa Ri Mhare Hari
Kavita Krishnamurti

4. Commentary

5. Mhara Re Girdhar Gopal
Hema Desai

6. Commentary
7. Maai Meine Govind Lino Mol
Hema Desai

8. Commentary

9. Maai Mhane Supana Maa
Devki Pandit

10. Commentary

11. Baso More Nainan Mein
Mahalakshmi Iyer

12. Commentary

13. Bala Mein Bairagan Hungi
Mahalakshmi Iyer

14. Commentary

15. Mha Giridhar Ke Rang
Hema Dasai

16. Commentary

17. Chalo Mana Ganga Jamuna
Sadhana Sargam

18. Commentary

19. Barse Badariya Swan Ki
Devki Pandit

20. Commentary

21. Jogi Mat Jaa Mat Jaa
Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty

Music Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Ashit Desai

Subject Research & Script Compilation by Jawahar Baxi & Yogesh Joshi