Loving Ganesha

Loving Ganesha

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Author: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 735
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120815068


An outstanding and encyclopedic work, especially for the benefit of westerners interested in Hindu thought and second-generation Indian Hindus growing up in the West.

An illustrated Resource on Dharma's Benevolent Deity, Remover of Obstacles, Patron of Art and Science, Honored as First Among the Celestials. Several aspects of Ganesha that are not popularly known are included .

India's spirituality begins with Ghanesha. Even the most austere yogi starts his inward journey by invoking the God who softens karma' and guides 'dharma'. He reigns over our beginnings, our changes, earthly decisions and problems - - always there when needed , never aloof. Here a Hindu master invites us into Ganapati's interior meanings, rites, 'mantras' and sacred symbols, unfolding an intimate depiction of the mysterious Deity.

For aspiring Hindus and non-Hindus increasingly becoming interested in vegetarianism, ahimsa, karma, rebirth and other concepts of Hindu religion, the book contains useful information and explanations to remove many misconceptions and misinformation about Hindu religion and Hindu worship.

CONTENTS: Preface: The Milk Miracle / Author's introduction / Hinduism the Greatest Religion in the World / Sanskrit Pronunciation / the Nature of Ganesha / Letters from Lord Ganesha / Ganesha's Five powers / In Science and Beyond / Forms of Ganesa / Sacred Symbols / Symbols of Auspiciousness / the Primal Sound / Master of the Word / Mantra Recitation / Prayers to Gandesh / Home Liturgy / Around the World / questions and Answers / Sacred Festivals / Sweet Offerings / Saint Auvaiyar Ma / In Praise of Pillaiyar / Singing to Ganesh / Ganesa Puzzles / Vegetarianism / The Science of Life / Hindu Denominations / How to become a Hindu / Religion's Dues / A Children's Primer / Conclusion + Glossary + Index +Bibliography + Supplementary Reading + Colophon