Green Well Years

Green Well Years

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Author: Manohar Devadoss
Publisher: East West Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 275
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188661430


Sunder is on the threshold of adolescence and his life seems full of warmth and laughter. He is equally happy at home, in school and in the company of his close-knit circle of friends whose varied activities articulate the easy camaraderie of their bonding. But can an idyll such as this last forever?

Set in the temple city of Madurai in southern India, around the middle of the twentieth century when the pressures of a changing world were beginning to impinge on traditional values, this novel interweaves an evocative interpretation of the ethos of the city with Sundar's story.

In this candid and moving autobiographical first novel, Manohar Devadoss recreates the shifting preoccupations and learning processes of a young boy and his inevitable loss of innocence during his transition to adulthood.

The meticulously researched exquisite pen-and-ink drawings by the author capture the essence of Madurai as it was and add a whole new dimension to the book.


He is that rare author who is the fortunate position of being able to illustrate his own book. And what magnificent illustrations they are!
-Kausalya Santhanam, The Hindu

At the brink of blindness, an artist puts together a touching rites-of-passage novel.
-Arun Katiyar, India Today

For Manohar life for all its trials has been worth living, if only to prepare such a meaningful gift for Indian literature in English.
-Prema Nandkumar, Deccan Herald

What was surprising was this book which received raving tributes is written by an author who is almost blind.
-J Vasanthan. Madurai Indian Express

Devadoss is very sensitive to social realities.
-Shyamala Narayan, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature
A man has matter-of-factly told his own story, and it is simply moving.
-Latha Anantharaman, India Magazine

This interweaving of strands that characterizes the cultural ethos of Madurai is well captured in the novel.
-Tarun Saint, The Book Review