Ragamala Painting - A Journey from Music to Art

Ragamala Painting - A Journey from Music to Art

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Author: Ranjit Singh Gill
Publisher: Aravali Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181500164


With the fast increasing interest in Indian culture all over the world, this volume explains in as simple a manner as possible the intricacies of an extremely sophisticated Indian musical Ragas, Ragamala alongwith paintings. The book is profusely illustrated with all Ragamala paintings in full colours. This is an authoritative and sensitive primer to music in India as a whole that can be enjoyed and profited from by both, the lay-reader and the specialist.

Dr Ranjit Singh Gill, author of this rare book, is a genius with all round interest in finer sensibilities of life. He delves deep into scriptures to extract essence of philosophic nature and solace to the spiritual quest. He is a poet and provides glimpses of high ideals and verses of mystic import. He has compiled the salient features of Holy Granth with special emphasis on its practicality. He has brought out the universal appeal of the hymns so very necessary for the tensed souls throughout the world.

His interest in music being uppermost, Ranjit has described the Ragas in which Gurbani composition is presented in the Holy Book. He being a PhD in the History of Art is all the more interested in making use of canvas to portray certain unique impressions of verses-specially as enumerated in the ragamala. Apart from these aspects he ahs given variety of details and data to understand the various forces which are working in our life and have been personified as Gods and Goddesses in the ancient scriptures.