Rabindranath Tagore - Songs of Prayer

Rabindranath Tagore - Songs of Prayer

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Author: Mohit Chakrabarti
Publisher: New Age Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 123
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178222833


Tagore unfolds a new horizon of human prayer where the heart is not in quest of the unknown alone but is also enchanted with the beauty of the world with all its flora and fauna. A sort of kindred relationship born of compassion and affection, kindness and conciliation is expressed in the words of prayer that tell a new truth: man is never along. The joys and sorrows, agonies and ecstasies, of the human mind seek consolation not merely within oneself but in an intimate association with all in and around one.

What makes Tagore’s prayer so vibrant and arresting, living and pulsating? How does he come closet to our diverse thoughts and emotions through his songs of prayer? How does he remain an eternal iconoclast in dealing with the prayers of the human heart? Perhaps love is the only key to negotiate all these and other allied questions as Tagore marvelously spells out in his exquisite songs of prayer. Here is a creator of songs par excellence who unfolds the glory of love in course of prayer of an enviably inimitable manner. In fact, love opens the unknown vista of the human heart that never yields to desolation, disappointment, dullness,, depression, dissociation or death.






Please accept me now, O Lord
Amidst the world, shower drops of peace
Sing shall I with thy tune
With thy own hands enkindle the lam
Thou hast come, O Light
Beneath that seat
Awake, my mind, in the world of goodness
I could not offer thee all I have
In the temple of the heart
In thunder your flute plays on
Stealthily do thou comet
Give a touch in life
O with kindness
With joy of love
How long shall I remain seated
Everyday shall I sing thy pleasant song
True, good and full of love
Unite me with them
My voice beckons Him
Time and again did you turn me away
With the light of the new sun
Seated am I at the door
Lord, many a play have I played
In the journey of new life
Pardon me, too
The orphan and the distressed
Thus Have I received
In the distressed heart, O Lord
Take, take, take up from the ground
My message touches my heart
O with great hopes
If like the cloud of a storm
O Lord of Life
If you wish
In wealth and people
O keep me close to the door
Treading on the way
O Great Life
Effulge my heart
Give strength
Stand before my eyes
Where you are
I seek Him alone
If thou dost not give love
That sweet countenance flashes
What a hesitation
I know Him
My lamp is put out
In silence would you remain
Who is that intoxicator
With thy love
Drown this darkness
O Lord OF the World
How far more away
What would I offer thee
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