National Parks of India

National Parks of India

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Author: R S Bisht
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123001789


This book gives adequate information on the wildlife and its habitat in general and national parks in particular. As the forests plays an inalienable role in maintaining environmental balance, it elaborately stresses the need for protection of forests and wildlife.

Nature is indeed mysterious and fascinating. Each constituent performs definite functions useful to others and keeps the universe in order. Man is one of the most precious creations of nature. He has mastered nature for his comforts. Unfortunately he has also acquired the notion that he is at the center-stage of the universe and all other forms of life are ordained to subserve his interests. He has assumed that the whole universe exists for him and his happiness is the ultimate objective of the creator of the universe.

This vain attitude has led to unlimited exploitation of nature by him for his pleasure and comforts. He is responsible for upsetting the ecological balance. It is due to his recklessness that large forest areas have been destroyed and as a result wildlife has been gravely endangered.



Wildlife in India
Distribution of Wildlife in India
Policy and Legislation
For Wildlife Preservation
National Parks-essential Principles
National Parks of India
National Parks and Five-Year Plans
National Parks and Tourism
National Parks and Threatened Wildlife Species
National Parks - Man vs Wildlife
National Parks-Future Plan and Strategy