Gandhi Ordained in South Africa

Gandhi Ordained in South Africa

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Author: J N Uppal
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 443
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812300284X


Soon After his departure form South Africa finally in 1914, while appraising the unsung deeds of the inmates of Phoenix for the Indian community, Gandhi had expressed the hope that some lover of truth would one day produce an adequate account of their secret history. The author of this book has gone a long way in the fulfillment of this hope. His focus, of course, is on Gandhi’s life and work in that sub-continent which culminated in the birth of Satyagraha and its application to a complex socio-political problems. Side by side with the story of Gandhi are recorded the great sacrifices not only of Pheonixites and other Indians but also of Chinese who participated in the struggle against racial discrimination. Even some Europeans who extended a helping hand to the Asians during the different campaigns prominently figure in the narrative.

Gandhi-Ordained in South Africa traces in candid detail the gradual evolution of Gandhi’s personality. It is a fascinating portrayal of a young Indian’s growth from an ordinary lawyer in search of a good means of livelihood to an uncommon man of action. It also delicately deals with the various aspects of Gandhi’s inner landscape. The result is a living picture of the Mahatma in the making.



Call of the Unknown
Lead Thou Me On
The Colonial Sequence
The Coming of Indians
He feels His Way
On Anchor
Finds His Moorings
Natal Indian Congress
Man of Law
Earnest Petitioner
Visit to India
Grapes of Wrath
Bellows-full of angry wind
The Transvaal Scene
The Anglo-Boer War
From the Mundane to the Sublime
A New Challenge
In Uniform Again
A Solemn Pledge
Deputation to England
Passive Resistance
Compromise and its Aftermath
The Second Round
One More Spell in England
Hind Swaraj
Support from India
Tolstyo Farm
The Leo Light
The Union
Provisional Settlement
Unto His Family
The Gokhale Visit
Another Crisis
Third Round