A History of Urdu Literature

A History of Urdu Literature

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Author: Ali Jawad Zaidi
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 459
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172012918


This work seeks to present a compact survey of the rich and varied contribution of Urdu to the Indian literary mainstream through centuries of shared creative inspiration.

Designed to serve as a reliable guide for interested readers from sister languages, its brings into focus the currents and cross currents that have shaped its history and produced personalities of distinction and prestige whose works have stood the test of time.

The lucid and balanced treatment of the numerous forms of poetry and prose has both range and depth and reveals a broad understanding of the historical forces behind deviations from convention and transformations in styles that have given us perennial sources of joy and intellectual fulfillment.

Despite pressure on space in this survey, essential specimens of poetry have been added in original alongwith prose renderings in English to mirror the conflicting demands of a vibrant tradition of lyricism, fervor of nationalism and a resurgence of social realism.

CONTENTS: Early History / Earliest Writings: 11th-16th century / Dakhni Urdu: 14th-18th century / Thew Northern Scene: 16th-17th century / A Golden Phase: 18th century / Diffusion and Diversification / After the Great Trio / NAZIR Akbarabasdi / Age of Nasikh AND Atash / The New Marfsiah / Age of Masnavi / The Twilight and Ghalib / Emergence of Prose / New Prose and New Colleges / Journalism / Post-Rebellion Scene / Literature of Freedom / Dawn of an Era / Novel and Drama / Writer-Journalists / Age of Literary Criticism / New Wave in Poetry / Iqbal and the New Dawn / Poetry of Youth and Vigor /revival of Ghazal / The Progressive Upsurge /Progressive Poetry and Arbab-e-Zauq / New Generation Poets / Modern Fiction / Humor and Satira / Research and Literary Miscellany / Beyond the Seventies / Select Bibliography + Index