NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds -  Anti-Nation Industry

NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds - Anti-Nation Industry

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Author: Radha Rajan
Krishen Kak/
Translator(s)/Editor: Radha Rajan / Krishen Kak
Publisher: Vigil Public Opinion Forum
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 381
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


An explosive book that documents in convincing detail the treasonous agenda of some of our leading NGOs and activists. There are hundreds of NGOs working with great dedication amongst the culturally and economically backward sections of our society motivated only by the inspiring vision to transform social attitudes and the quality of the people amongst whom they live and work. This book is not about them.

This book is about NGOs and activists whose so-called peace and human rights activism cloaks deep political ambitions and objectives – political ambitions not just restricted to participating or influencing electoral; politics but aimed at shaping the character and direction of Indian polity in a manner which derives from their warped notion of the Indian nation. Their political ambitions and activism are essentially undemocratic and anti-Indian nation. Their grassroots activism in many instances in only a fig-leaf for political activism, well-funded through an inflow of foreign money.

This book exposes the political and anti-nation agenda of some very well-known NGOs and activists, and clearly reveals their foreign sponsorships, donors and funds. It proves their double standards and their total; absence of public accountability, and emphasises the urgent need for the Government of India to ensure a vigorous mechanism to counter this anti-nation industry. A must-read and a wake-up call for all patriotic Indian and well wishers of India.



1. Introduction: De-Hinduising the Indian nation
2. NGOs: Description and Regulations
3. Social Movements to Totalitarianism: The Role of NGOs
4. Yesterday Once More: a Foil Primer
5. The Lashkar-e-Pinocchio Rides Again
6. Scoring Against Paganism: Untangling the Manderweb
7. NGOs and Activists: Singing for their upper
8. ASHA Projects: Where does all the money go?
9. Closing Word: Who is afraid of the Hindu nation?