Lahore - A Sentimental Journey

Lahore - A Sentimental Journey

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Author: Pran Nevile
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143061976


Lahore, first published in 1993, is Pran Nevile’s tribute to the land of his birth. Grounded in memory and redolent with nostalgia, Nevile’s reminiscences transport the reader into the heart of Lahore as it was in the 1930s and 40s-a city bustling with activity where people coexisted harmoniously, unfettered by considerations of religion, region or caste. From the riotous seasonal festivities of kite-flying to clandestine love-affairs upon rooftops, from matinee shows at the cinema to twilight hours spent amongst the bejewelled dancing girls of Hira Mandi, Lahore emerges as a city of mesmerizing contradictions and chaotic splendour.

The author underscores the contrast between pre- and post-Partition Lahore, and the sense of pain, loss and longing for one’s homeland experienced by the displaced millions in India and Pakistan is palpable. Evocative and informative, Lahore is at once social commentary, historical documentation and memoir.


Written in an eminently readable literary style, the book deserves a wide readership.
-Ian Talbot

Old Lahoris will enjoy Pran Nevile’s reminiscences
-Khuswant Singh




1. Shopping in Anarkali.
2. On Thandi Sarak in a Tonga.
3. A time for fun and games.
4. Bo-kata (there it is cut)
5. Romance on the housetop.
6. Fazal--the ace pimp of Lahore.
7. The splendours of Hira Mandit or Tibbi.
8. A widower's Dilemma.
9. The changing world of women.
10. Going to the cinema.
11. K.L. Saigal visits Lahore.
12. Zinda naach wa gana (live dance and song).
13. Mafia dons, minstrels, malangs and mendicants.
14. A miracle medicine and sex manuals.
15. Food and drink.
16. Clothes and class.
17. Students and teachers.
18. Passengers and drivers.
19. Punters, bookies and jockeys.
20. Picnics and outings.
21. Politicians, people and the officials.
22. War years.

EPILOGUE: Lahore revisited.

ANNEXURE: Songs of a bygone era.