Fit for 50 +   WOMEN

Fit for 50 + WOMEN

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Author: Shane Gould
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122204236


Stay well Live longer Extend an active life by years

Fit for 50+ is a unique beginner-friendly fitness program designed for women in middle-age.

Women reading their fifties are increasingly concerned about maintaining wellbeing, the decline of flexibility, and the risks a lack of exercise brings of suffering osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Fit for 50+ is an exercise program suited to the middle-aged woman. It includes aerobic, weight-bearing, strength training and pelvic floor exercises. It is a realistic, appropriate and a balanced exercise regime.

Getting older doesn’t mean getting overweight, frail, physically weak, or feeling sluggish.

You can continue to lead the active life you want to, and do all the things you enjoy doing.

Follow the fit for 50+ program and stay fit for life.

Lose weight, tone up and feel more purposeful.

Build healthy and strong bones.
Increase your sense of wellbeing and reduce depression and anxiety.

Increase muscle mass, burn kilojoules and speed up your metabolism.

Extend yours middle age by twenty years, it will be a life worth living!


Age is a state of mind

Finding motivation

Learning to move

Participation and competition

Fit for life

The pyramid of performance

Feeling good

Heath and fitness over



Pelvic floor muscles


Anyone can exercise

When, how long and how hard?

Eat what makes you feel good

Good luck

Exercise program

Morning exercises

Standing exercises

Floor exercises