No - Oil - Cooking

No - Oil - Cooking

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Author: Sanjeev Kapoor
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 148
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8179912795


Using a lot of oil in cooking causes unbalanced nutrition, various illnesses and even premature death due to coronary heart disease. Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s concern about modern unhealthy life styles has already made him a staunch proponent of home cooking. He now takes on bad cholesterols, lipids and trans fats with this collection of recipes for cooking without any additional fat or oil. These special recipes empower us with control over oil, thus allowing us to be in command over our own lives.

In today’s stress-filled world there is a crying need for intelligent eating. Recipes that are wholesome, reduce calories and lower cholesterol, are not difficult to prepare and need not be tasteless. Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has come up with these drool-worthy no-oil recipes after intensive research, adding his innovative touch to present food that can change your life.

There are a range of healthy recipes from piping hot soups and amazing starters to exotic main course dishes that will have you coming back for more, such as Red Capsicum Soup with Lemon, Mushrooms in Balsamic Vinegar, Saunfia Tikka, Tabbouleh Stuffed Tomatoes and Thai Green Curry with Vegetables. He has also whipped up guilt-free desserts like Anjeer ka Meetha and Chhanar Payesh to keep those with a sweet tooth happy. Every recipe has been repeatedly tested and presented in a user-friendly format to enable even novices in the kitchen to produce appetising, healthy food with flair and confidence.

With this latest offering, Sanjeev Kapoor invites you to restore wellness in your kitchen and your life.



Kiwi Ka Panna
Moroccan Mint Tea
Banana and Honey Smoothie
Sweet corn and Prawn Chowder
Tomato and Basil Soup
Kale Gajar ki Kanji
Belfal Sherbet
Musk Melon and Orange Juice
Red Capsicum soup with Lemon
Apple, Pineapple and Orange Salad
Hot and Sour Chicken Soup
Clear Vegetable Soup
Coriander Prawn and Mango Salad
Caldo Verde-Spinach and Potato Soup
Garlic-flavoured Rasam
Seafood Soup
Bread Salad with Roasted Onions
Tropical Chicken and Farfalle Salad
Vegetable Ribbon Salad
Warm Potato Salad with Green Beans
Aloo Kachalu Chaat
Mushrooms in Balsamic Vinegar


Sandwich Dhokla
Rice Panki
Caribbean Chicken Kebabs
Stuffed Methi Cheela
Corn Bhel
Kathi Kebab Rolls
Dahi Idli
Paneer Frankie
Vegetable Seekh Kebabs
Vegetable Tacos
Hash Brown Potatoes
Chicken and Pepper Wraps
Masala Papad
Soya Burger
Roasted Garlic Prawns
Tandoori Stuffed Cauliflower
Chicken Olivetti
Hot Chilli Corn


Vegetable Jhalfraizee
Palak Baby Corn Sabzi
Vegetable Stew with Garlic Bread
Chutneywale Aloo
Makai Palak
Masaledar Kaddu
Tabbouleh Stuffed Tomatoes
Spinach and Potato Bake
Thai Green Curry with Vegetables
Matar Paneer
Baby Potatoes in Spicy Yogurt Gravy
Gatta Curry
Soya Keema Matar
Steamed Lauki and Palak Koftas
Mixed Sprouts Ussal
Jacket Potatoes with Baked Beans Stuffing
Khumb Hara Pyaaz
Middle Eastern Vegetable Stew


Baked Fish in Red Masala
Daab Chingri
Goan Fish Curry
Fish in Tomato Pepper Sauce
Chilli Garlic Prawns
Grilled Fish with Salsa
Fish in Banana Leaves
Steamed Fish
Chicken and Rice Bake
Burghul-crusted Chicken
Chutney chicken
Honey and Orange glazed Chicken
Methi Murgh
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Lemon Chicken
Spicy Salsa Chicken
Chicken Stew
Baked Mince
Saag Gosht


Brown Rice Vegetable Pilaf
Penne Arrabbiata
Chicken Kofta Pulao
Spaghetti with Mixed Vegetables and Herb Sauce
Mixed Vegetables and Tomato Pulao
Chholay Biryani
Palak and Chhena Parantha
Masaledar Dal
Palak Raita
Green Mango and Onion Chutney
Dhania Pudina Parantha
Date and Tamarind Chutney
Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Dip
Lauki Chana Dal
Tamatar Ki Kadhi
Beetroot Raita


Zafrani Sevian
Suji Kheer
Chhanar Payesh
Pineapple Yogurt Fool
Sitaphal Basoondi
Anjeer ka Meetha
Gajar ki Kheer


Goda Masala Powder
Chicken Stock
Vegetable Stock
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