Tales Once Told - Legends of Kerala

Tales Once Told - Legends of Kerala

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Author: Abraham Eraly
Illustrator/Animator: Jayachandran
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 978014309968X


A selection of stories adapted from the Ithihyamala, a marvellous treasury of legends of Kerala

These vibrant fables evoke a long-lost, never-never land: an enchanted world of sorcerers, exorcists and yakshis; eccentric rajas and haughty poets; martial-arts prodigies and peerless physicians; wily wits and devious gadflies; clever elephants, sly crooks, gallant brigands and a motley bunch of uncommon common people.

Retold by best-selling author Abraham Eraly and superbly illustrated by Jayachandran, Tales Once Told is an engaging blend of earthy wisdom and sparkling humour.



A Guru’s Folly
Martial Arts Secrets
Mystery of a Miracle Cure
Lenders Beware!
The Other Woman
A Physician’s tale
Trial By Ordeal
The Raja and the Magician
Pilgrim’s Progress
Arakkal Bibi
Pot Luck
Royal Pranks
A Kathakali Legend
Divine Madness
No Pain, No Gain
Sanku, Beloved Elephant
The Veda of Life
A Test for Wives
A Martial Joust
The Exorcist
The Grammar Lesson
Poetic Justice
Kerala’s Jivaka
Bhartrihari’s Renunciation
Agnihotri and Perumthachan
Pride and Prejudice
A Bride Mismatch
A Yakshi and Her Lover
The Hakim and the Vaidya
Tantric Miracles
The lost Purse
Kochunni: Outlaw
Kochunni Plays a Trick
Revenge of an Elephant
Sabarimala Ayyappan
The Fire-Walkers
Trial by Terror
Fatal Obsession
Sakthan’s Revenge
The Sorcerer Padre
Death Reader
Elephant Thieves
The Making of a Goddess
The Man Who Walked on Water
A Drummer’s Tale
The Prodigal Priest
The Liar Takes All