Tenali Raman

Tenali Raman

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Author: Kavitha Mandana
Illustrator/Animator: Dipankar Bhattacharya
Publisher: Penguin/Puffin
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 162
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143330004


Sulekha is studying in Class V and has been allowed by her principal to accompany her mother to Hampi, on the condition that she produces a full report about life in the Vijayanagar empire on her return. In Hampi, Sulekha meets the cocky TJ, who claims to be a descendant of one of Vijayanagar's most famous citizens, Tenali Raman, and together they start collecting stories about the jester and his kingdom.

Tenali, it turns out, had a solution to every problem that befell the kingdom—from the mundane to the bizarre: How do you carry a pot brimming with holy water, over hundreds of miles, without spilling a single drop? The king wants to build a palace he has seen only in his dreams, how can he be stopped? And a man is to be hanged for having a bad-luck face, can Tenali prevent this?

As they exchange anecdotes about Tenali Raman, Sulekha and her friends also learn more about the Vijayanagar empire, King Krishnadevaraya and what life was like in sixteenth-century south India.

Wonderfully witty and bubbling over with fun and facts, this book is not just about one of India's sharpest minds, it is a peep into a vibrant period in Indian history.


Hampi, September 2005: A breathtaking landscape, the ruins of a prosperous kingdom, and over cups of hot tea, two friends discover stories about the world's smartest jester-Tenali Raman.


Eight elephants seated in court
Four priceless Chinese vases, smashed!
When the royal poet was snubbed
An incomplete poem
Tanali Raman meets his match
Sun-baked eggs
The dream palace
My project begins
The mysterious white horse
Horses for sandalwood
The king who stole a statue
The statue that vanished
A priceless bowl of water
A city inhabited by the gods
Professor Saab meets Auntie Ela
A general’s priorities
A bankrupt king
Cooking counters and game boards
A bad-luck face
The truthful tableau
A grand wedding
Back to school
TJ’s first official tour
The jester plays diplomat