Introduction to Sankara's Advaitism

Introduction to Sankara's Advaitism

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Author: P V Joshi
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 218
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812083156X


This book aims to give an exposition of basic tenets of Advaitism as propounded by Sankara in a succinct yet comprehensive manner. He is often claimed that Sankars looked upon the world as a Maya or illusionand rejected karmayoga. It has been clearly brought out how these widespread beliefs are unfounded. Separate chapters have been earmarked to exposition of Sankara’s major works like Vivekchoodamani and his seminal commentaries on the Gita, the Upanisad the Brahman sutras.

This book highlights the tremendous contribution made by Sankara to the evolution of Hindu metaphysics. It is hoped that through the published even a lay reader will be able to appreciate why Advaitism has been aptly described as the acme of Indian philosophy.





1. Adi Sankaracarya
2. Sankara’s Life, work and Achievements
3. Ferment in early Hinduism and its lack of unitary Character
4. Main Elements of sankara’s Metaphysics
5. The doctrine of Mayavada: Its Genesis and Significance
6. Brahman and Personal God: How does Advaitism reconcile them?
7. Evolution of Advaitism from Gaudapada to Sankara
8. Sankara: The Supreme Karmayogi
9. From Gita to Advaitism: A Continuum
10. God of Sankara: Personal or Impersonal
11. From Upanisads of Transition
12. The Sankara Bhashyam: Sankara’s Crowning Glory
13. Sankara-The Great Synthesizer