Defence Planning - Problems & Prospects

Defence Planning - Problems & Prospects

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Author: V P Malik
Brigadier Vinod Anand/
Publisher: Manas Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 202
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170492750


Defence Planning has been neglected for long in India. This has led to ad-hocism in decision-making and adversely affected the modernization plans of he Services. This volume brings out in detail the inadequacies in our planning process: the lack of a cohesive national security strategy/defence policy and inadequate coordination of defence planning and economic development. Long term perspective planning is still a sum total of respective Service plans. Also, in the absence of chief of Defence Staff (CDS) there is a lack of inter-Services prioritization.

The key issues needing immediate attention include the need for formal prior approval for five-year defence plans, better management of the defence revenue and capital acquisition budgets, streamlining the defence procurement process and better human resource management.

The Chapters, written by renowned Defence professionals, including two former Chiefs, comprehensively and critically examine the issues involved in the defence planning process and make a number of recommendations for policy planners in India.

Effective quidance on national security and defence policy objectives is fundamental to defence planning. This volume is a must read for defence analysts, scholars, practitioners of statecraft and those dealing with defence planning, security and strategic issues.




Defence Planning: An Introduction
Defence Planning in India
Changing Nature of Warfare
Defence Budget and the Planning Process
Defence Procurement
Defence Procurement Process: Bottlenecks and Solutions
Higher Direction of War in the Future
Integrated Tri Service Perspective Planning
Transforming the Army for the Future
Defence Planning: Maritime Dimensions
A Navy for 2020
Emerging contours of Air Power in Southern Asia
Defence and Political Interface: a commentary
Defence Planning in India: Concluding Observations