Glory of Krishna

Glory of Krishna

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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2006
Language: multilingual
Pages: 262
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175971878


Sri Krishna-the very name sends a thrill of joy through one who has had even a passing glimpses of His greatness. The name at once evokes memories of the divinely sweet child of Vrindavan, the blue boy clothes in yellow silks, crowned with peacock feathers and adorned with a garland of fresh fragrant flowers, the maddening beauty and love of the Gopis, the stealer of hearts, the dispeller of sins, upholder of righteousness, protector of the humble and simple, and an ever-abiding friend to al those who sincerely seeks His companionship.

Wise and valorous, he was loving and loved; was intensely humane; a far seeing statesman and wise diplomat; an indomitable warrior who could rise to the occasion to meet any challenge thrown at Him; a well-meaning adviser to those who sought his counsel. He held aloft the torch of righteousness above all petty and personal considerations and took the reins in His hands to drive the Chariot of Dharma through the deadly combat of confusing values and delirious delusions to everlasting Victory. The teachings of the Geeta in the war-front and the preachings to Uddhava in the palace, reveal His exalted state as a World Teacher.


This Supreme Essence born as a mass of Beauty, Music and Joy, dazzling in Wisdom, noisy with Laughter, ever a Master of Circumstances, a King of Events, frisking about in life’s melancholy contentions, meeting challenges with daring and confidence, at once a Hero and a Child all rolled in one-this is the perfect God-Man, the Eternal Child of Brindavan.