The Dancing Democracy  - The Power of the Third Eye

The Dancing Democracy - The Power of the Third Eye

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Photographer: Min Bajracharya
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 138
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129109468


When the Seven Party Alliance called for a four-day strike starting form 6 April 2006, the anniversary of Nepal’s 1990 Jana Andolan, no one could have foreseen what would ensue. The protests brought hundreds of thousands on the streets, and finally resulted in a victory for the proletariat and democracy.

As history is being made in Nepal, Prakash a Raj takes a look at the main actors on the country’s political stage-the monarch, the political parties, the Maoists, the international community-and analyses what happened in Nepal and why. He probes such questions as whether Nepal will become a republic or a ceremonial monarchy, who will control the royal Nepalese Army and whether the Maoists will join mainstream politics or will try and capture power.

Interspersed with striking photographs of the demonstrations held recently in Nepal, this book is an insightful look into the turbulence in Nepal, and how the power of the people prevailed. A must-read for anyone interested in south Asian politics.



The Monarch: An Incarnation of Vishnu?
The Political Parties
The Maoists
April 2006: When the People Rose
The Royal Nepal Army
Constituent Assembly: Will it Solve the Maoist Problem?
An Inclusive Agenda
India-the Closest Neighbour
China-the Northern Neighbour
The Superpower and its Shadow
A Failed State in the Making?
The Indian Mess-up
The King Succumbs to Pressure

APPENDIX 1: People who Mater in Nepal Now

APPENDIX 2: Chronology