Woman In Indian Sculpture

Woman In Indian Sculpture

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Author: M L Varadpande
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 153
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170174740


This monograph, first of its kind, surveys the female sculptures created by Indian artistes through centuries, from an ancient era of Indus Valley Civilization to medieval times. Archaeological data is interpreted in the light of literary and cultural traditions of India.

This work is not only a book about art, it is also an important document that has captured the significance of woman in traditional Indian society and richness of hr life as she enacts her part in the drama of social life. Thus in addition to depicting women and the beauty of their form, this book provides the readers with glimpse in life and cosmology of ancient India.

The reader is treated to range and variety of woman in al her manifest forms, from gentle to beautiful to wild and terrible. The author has stressed the image of Indian women as icons of fertility, bounty and fruition.

Various images the sculptors conceived of her as Mother Goddess, Yakshi, Devangana and Surasundari, Lower par excellence, One as fond of Wine, Dance and Music, Shringara Nayika, Paragon of Beauty and Intellect and also embodiment of forces of death and destruction, and made into sculptures, are described here in very lucid language, to give the readers an insight into Indian art.




The Beginning
Early Representation
Woman and Tree
Mathura Beauties
At her Feet
Wine and Woman
Shringara Nayika
Beauty and Intellect
Lover of Jewellery
Woman Terrible
Select Bibliography
List of Illustrations