The Power of 360 Degree Feedback

The Power of 360 Degree Feedback

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Author: T V Rao
Raju Rao/
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 312
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761932992


360 Degree Feedback, or Multi-rater Feedback, is an established HR methodology widely used in organizations across the world. In this book, T V Rao and Raju Rao present a jargon-free, pragmatic and intellectually stimulating guide to understanding and implementing this methodology in organizations and also for small groups and individuals.

Simple and engaging, the book presents a fine collection of practical ideas, cases and tools which cover all aspects of 360 Degree Feedback including:

The effective personality, its role in organizations and various leadership and managerial styles

360 Degree Feedback, its basic elements and how it must be used

The RSDQ model of leadership development, formulated and extensively tested in India

The critical role of attitude and implementation while using this methodology

The role of culture and social conditioning in selecting and implementing feedback methodologies

The role of reflection, review and empowerment post-feedback

How 360 Degree Feedback can be just as subjective as other assessment tools and its is aggregate feedback and consistency in feedback that makes it more objective

Insightful, comprehensive and concise, the book includes extensive case-studies and examples from varied settings like industry, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions (including primary schools and business schools) and families. It is a must on your bookshelf if you are a leader, practitioner, student or scholar.






The Effective Personality
What Makes Managers Effective?
Leaders and their Qualities
Managers and their Leadership Roles
Leadership Styles and their Impact
Delegation: The Key to empowerment
Introduction to the Power Tool: 360 Degree Feedback
Basics of 360 Degree Feedback or Multi-rater Assessment Feedbacks (MAFs)
Competence Building through 360 Degree Feedback
Instrumentation in 360 Degree Feedback
Myths and Facts of 360 Degree Feedback
Conditions for Successful Multi-rater Assessment feedbacks (MAFs)
Developing Leadership in School Principals through 360 Degree Feedback
Assessing Teachers and Parents
Peer Feedback for Students-the ISB Experience
360 Degree Feedback too for Non-governmental Organization (NGOs)
Use of Multi-rater Assessment Feedbacks (MAFs) in some Major Indian Corporations
Determining Development Needs with Multi-rater Assessment Feedbacks (MAFs)
Coaching in Multi-rater Assessment Feedbacks (MAFs)
Experiences from other Countries.