Vedic Geometry Course

Vedic Geometry Course

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Author: S K Kapoor
Publisher: Lotus Press
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 250
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8183820476


The par-excellence feature of Vedic systems is that these approach the whole range of knowledge as a single Discipline, and as such, on ultimate analysis the organization of Discipline of knowledge avails the dimensional frames parallel to the artifices of numbers.

It is this feature which deserves to be chased for the basics, and here in the present attempt, the urge being to learn and teach Vedic Mathematics on its basics, as such, at this phase and stage of exposing young minds during Middle school learning. The focus is to be upon the center of the cube / origin of 3-space being of the format of hyper cuve-4 and as such seat of creator's space.

Accordingly, the teaching and learning of this range of schooling is phased in following five books for perfection and intelligence.:

Book 1 the Teaching of Vedic Mathematics
Book 2 Learning Vedic Mathematics
Book 3 Vedic Mathematics basics
Book 4 Vedic Mathematics skills
Book 5b Vedic Geometry course

Need of the hour is to reach at the basics of ancient wisdom to remain on the positive side of flow of intelligence. The main stream flow of intelligence follows the path of fundamental unity of human mind, parallel to it runs the organization format of whole range of knowledge as a single discipline.

The above mentioned set of five books of Vedic mathematics basics, sequentially cover all fundamental phases and stages of teaching and learning of Vedic mathematics basics on their on first principles and aim to attain perfection of intelligence for the students.



1. Four Space Reality
2. Distinguishing Features of Hyper Cube 4
3. Manifestation Format
4. Compactification of Origins
5. Reality of 5-space within 4-space Origins
6. 5-Space Deserves to be Chased as Space Supplying Five Step Long Measuring Rod
7. Manifestations of Solid Quantifiers
8. Emergence of Transcendental World Within Creator’s Space
9. Synthesis of Manifestation Layers
10. Partitioning of Universe Around Transcendental Skies
11. Chasing Distinct Universes
12. Chasing Self Referrals Domains