R S S - A Vision in Action

R S S - A Vision in Action

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Author: H V Seshadri
Translator(s)/Editor: H V Seshadri
Publisher: Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 415
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818659504X


The directions of National Renaissance initiated by the RSS, as indicated herein, will
present - though in a miniature form - the picture, vibrant with life, of the Hindu Rashtra visualized by the RSS.

It will be evident, from a perusal of the RSS philosophy, that it is no longer the call of a mere organization called the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. It is, in fact, a mission in which the best and noblest of all that is in our nation is invoked. It is a mission handed down from generation by all the greatest of our nation-builders. It is, in short, a mission nearest to the heart of every lover of our country and its culture, who would like to see Her once again adored as the mother of all nations.


What They Say

When I visited the RSS camp, I was very much impressed by your discipline and the complete absence of untouchability.
-Mahatma Gandhi at the RSS rally, Delhi 16.9.1947

I am surprised to find the Swayamsevaks moving about in absolute equality and brotherhood without even caring to know the caste of the others.
-Babasaheb Ambedkar at Pune Camp-May 1939

It is here that we feel our head and heart completely satisfied and elevated.
-U Hipshon Roy, Khasi Tribal Leader at Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram

Sangh is not the creation of a mere human being. God Almighty Himself has brought this into being for the glory of our Motherland and emancipation of humanity. The man-making training that you receive in Sangh is exactly the same as swami Vivekananda had dreamed of for the youth of our country.
-Swami Chidbhavananda in his benedictory address to the Swayamsevaks at Tiruvedagam Camp, 1980

All patriotic elements must take up the RSS’ Swadeshi cause.
-Sri Nikhil Chakravarti
Telegraph 16.3.1992

The Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyan, a movement launched by RSS is not just an economic agitation but is a move to protect the integrity and identity of India.
-Sri Chandrashekar, Former P M
-Hindustan times 4.12. 1994



Keeping Vibrant the Spirit of Freedom
Facing Internal threats to Nation’s Integrity
Meeting the threat of conversion
Strengthening the Nation’s Morale
A Force for National Integration
Striving for Social Harmony and Equality
Promoting Character and Discipline
In the Cause of Social Justice
Varied Dimensions of social Service
In the Vanguard of Rural Transformation
Role During Calamities
Educating and ennobling the Young Minds
New Value-thrust in Diverse Fields
Upholding Symbols of National Veneration
In Throwing out Emergency
As Torch-bearers Abroad