Global Fusion Music      ( DVD)

Global Fusion Music ( DVD)

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Author: L Subramaniam
Kavita Krishnamurti/
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 04/2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): M06017


In the early 70s, when I was in the US, people were experimenting with different types of music, like jazz-rock, east-west, and used the term World music for all kinds of music other than Western classical music. But when they spoke of world history or geography, they considered the entire world. I felt this was hypocritical.

So I, along with my late wife Vijayashree, who had studied World music, decided to create the concept of Global Fusion Music that encompassed al genres including Western classical music. Under this banner I had the pleasure of experimenting with legendary artistes from a variety of musical styles.

In this concert, I was extremely happy to collaborate with my wife, Kavita, whose extraordinary talent and vast experience have added a new dimension to my music, and my gifted daughter Seetaa, both of whom are featured in this album-Global Fusion Music.
-Dr L Subramaniam

Om Namah Shivay
Kavita Krishnamurti & Ensemble

Spanish Wave
L Subramaniam & Ensemble

Gypsy Trial
L Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurti & Ensemble

L Subramaniam & Ensemble

L Subramaniam & Ensemble

Harmony of Hearts
L Subramaniam, Seetaa Subramaniam & Rakesh Dance Ensemble

Jai Hanuman (Bonus Track) L Subramaniam & Rakesh Dance Ensemble

ENSEMBLE: Manohari Singh-Flute and Saxophone, Sanjay Wandrekar-Keyboard, Dominic Fernandes-Bass Guitar, Sarosh Izedyar-guitar Ranjit Baro-Drums, K Shekar-Tavil, Trichur Mohan-Mridangam, Yogaraja-Kanjira, Sathya Sai-Moorsing Viju-Tabla Additional keyboard courtesy Amrita Majlis

All music except Om Namah Shivay is composed by Dr L Subramaniam by Dr L Subramaniam. Audio album published by Niranjani Music.

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