An Epitome of English Literature - A Festschrift

An Epitome of English Literature - A Festschrift

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 580
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575585


Dr R K Sinha’s thousands of students and admirers, spread all over the globe had images of this outstanding Professor of English literature in their minds. This commemorative volume An Epitomic of English Literature is a humble attempt to treasure them and inspire generations of lovers of English literature.

This book will help understand Dr R K Sinha better through tributes, reminiscences and essays, contributed by eminent scholars of the world, including the President of India, four Governors of different states, Vice-Chancellors of Oxford, Cambridge, London Universities, Professor C D Narsimhaiah, Professor Damodar Thakur and Dr Bindeshwar Pathak.

Moreover, essays on metaphysical poetry, d H Lawrence, Commonwealth literature, F r Leavis, History of Criticism, Teaching Language through literature, Chaucer, aesthetics and various topics of English and American literature are revealing and can be used as references. It is intended to be used by those, interested in Dr Sinha, students as well as lovers of English literature.

Most of the reminiscences and essays have been written in this book by his former students in the light of his teaching on different aspects of English literature and various aspects of his multifaceted towering personality. The President of India has addressed even his students as eminent.


R K Sinha an eminent and outstanding English Professor of Patna University.
-(A P J Abdul Kalam, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi)

I had the privilege of being taught by R K Sinha, he commanded respect, by his sincerity, depth of knowledge and teaching ability, he became a colossus, in English literature.
-(Lt General S K Sinha, Governor, J & K)

Dr Sinha, whose student I had been a legend in his life time, a versatile Professor of English of the Patna University, was a living encyclopaedia of English literature and an ocean of knowledge.
-(D N Sahay, Governor, Tripura)

The noteworthy academic contribution of the late Dr R K Sinha, would long be remembered.
-Kailash Pati Mishra, Governor, Gujarat

Dr Sinha served his country, his University, and scholarship with great distinction and imbued generations of students with love of the English language and its literature.
(A F Richard, The Vice-Chancellor University of Cambridge

It, commemorative volume is a thoroughly worthy objective, for the eminent Professor R K Sinha.
-Randolph Quirk, Former Vice-Chancellor London University

DR R K SINHA was born, in an affluent family on 1st January, 1917 at Maheshpur in the district of Munger in Bihar. He was a gold medallist in M A (English) and obtained D Phil from Oxford University in 1950, he had been teaching at the University of Patna from 7th July, 1938 to 31st January, 1979, the topic of his research was Literary Influences on D H Lawrence. His guide was Lord David Cecil, and authority on Victorian novels. Dr Sinha has been doing research from October 1946 to December 1949 under his supervision.

Dr R K Shinha guided more than 50 researches for PhD, and D Litt one can hear and see him in the pages of those researches also. This colossus of English literature breathed his last at 11 a m on 27th August 2003.







Jotting R K Sinha