State and Civil Rights - Revisting Contemporary India

State and Civil Rights - Revisting Contemporary India

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Author: Somen Chakraborty
Editor(s): Somen Chakraborty / R M Pal
Publisher: Indian Social Institute
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 153
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187218525


India has a rich tradition of civil rights movements. Both civil rights organizations and peoples protest movements have contributed in creating awareness on rights. The multi-layered efforts by the people unfurl new vistas of rights. In the changing political and economic order examining the status of civil rights become more important. Understanding of rights has gone far beyond the debate on codified rights.

The stewardship of the new rights movements are primarily in the hands of Dalits, adivasis, women and secular forces whose rights are most violated. In contrast, the Indian State has failed miserably in providing the fundamental and basic rights to the people of India. Instead of learning form the message of liberation emanating from the people’s protest movements the state is introducing new repressive policies and acts. The volume is an attempt to find answers to several such concerns that society is facing.

The volume provides understanding of civil rights with ample reference to facts and illustrations. There are attempts to respond to crucial issues of civil rights haunting India today. For social activists and researchers the volume can be an essential collection.


DR R M PAL, FORMER FACULTY MEMBER, Rajdhani College, Delhi University and currently visiting fellow, Academy of Third World Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Among his major books include Human Rights of Dalits: Societal Violation, Protection of Human Rights-A Critique, Child Labour and Compulsory Basic Education, Selections From the Marxism Way and the Humanist Way (a journal and edited by M N Roy). Dr Pal is editor of PUCL Bulletin and of The Radical Humanist.




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