Sermons and Sayings of the Buddha

Sermons and Sayings of the Buddha

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Author: Sudhakar S Dikshit
Publisher: Chetana Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185300372


All that we are is the result of our own thought. All that we are is founded on our thoughts and is made up of our own thoughts.

Pain follows evil thoughts and actins, just as the wheel follows the foot of the bullock that draws the cart.

Happiness follows pure thoughts and actions, just as the shadow follows a man wherever he goes.

There is an abode, O brethren! where there is no world of infinity-of-space, nor world of infinity-of-intelligence, nor world of cognition or non-cognition, nor this world nor the world yonder, neither sun nor moon.

That abode, O brethren! Has neither coming nor going, neither birth nor death. Without origin and without annihilation and beyond thought is that. The destruction of all sorrow is that.

That abode, O brethren! Is unborn, uncreated, unmanifested and unconditioned. Unless it were that, there could not be cognised in this world, birth, creation, manifestation and conditioning.

That abode is Nirvana.


Speaking of the test of Dhamma the Blessed One said:

These are not Dhamma.

The teachings and doctrines that conduce to passion, not to dispassion; to bondage, not to detachment; to greed, not to absention; to discontent, not to content-of such teachings and doctrines you may say firmly: These are not Dhamma. This is not the message of the Master.

Of whatever teachings and doctrines you can assure yourself that they are the opposite of these things, you may say firmly: These are Dhamma. This is the message of the Master.


The First Sermon
Pleasures of the Senses
Pleasures of the Renunciation
The Wise Man
The Fool
Friends: False and True
The Irrelevant
Choosing one’s words
Righteousness and Unrighteousness Against Lying
On Endurance
Sacrifice: Right and Wrong
The Twin verses
How to Govern Thought
How to End suffering
Meditation and Contemplation
Things to be Contemplated
The Ideal Recluse
True Retirement
Devotee’s Prayer
The Parable of the Cloth
The Parable of the Log
The Parable of the Mirror
The Parable of the Timber
The Powers of a Learner
The Root of Amity
Why Bathe in Holy Rivers?
The Noble Quest
Dhamma Like the Ocean
The Test of Dhamma
Teaching of Dhamma
What is Nirvana?
What is Revealed?
The Self
The Tathagata
All Things are on Fire
Crossing Over
Rivers of Life and Death
The Last Sermon
Saying of the Buddha