Bliss of Reality- Essays on J Krishnamurti's extraordinary insights into life

Bliss of Reality- Essays on J Krishnamurti's extraordinary insights into life

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Author: Susunaga Weeraperuma
Publisher: Chetana Publications
Year: 1984
Language: English
Pages: 137
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


The writing of these essays has been a labour of love. Noting in life has been dearer or nearer to my heart than the teachings of J Krishnamurti. They have always been, and still are, a source of inexhaustible spiritual inspiration.

The book is the outcome of a very careful examination of the teachings: it is not an interpretation of Krishnamurti’s statements on life’s deepest questions, but purely a searching investigation of them. I have looked at the teachings closely and critically, without interpreting them in the sense that I have not foisted into them any ideologies or beliefs.

Bliss of Reality is a sequel to my two other books that also belong to Chetana’s Krishnamurti Liberry series, namely, Living and Dying from Moment to Moment (1978) and That Pathless Land (1984).




Bliss of Reality
Joy of Creativity
Why are we such Violent Creatures?
The Sensible use of Leisure
Why Believe in God?
Why believe in reincarnation?
Denuding the Mind of Beliefs
The Importance of Being Aware
Is Dreamless Sleep Possible?
Does Naming Hinder the Nameless?
Understanding Blossoms Between Thoughts
Is Self-knowledge in Sacred Books?
Who wrote Krishnamurti’s First Book?
Krishnamurti: The Years of Fulfilment
Some Questions Concerning Krishnamurti