Journey Towards Nothingness - A Personal Quest

Journey Towards Nothingness - A Personal Quest

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Author: Sudhakar S Dikshit
Publisher: Chetana Publications
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 95
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-85300-31-3


The yearning to grasp the meaning of human existence, permeates Man’s life. It is that elusive grail we crusade to find-our minds haunted by endless questioning.
What is the Ultimate Reality?
What is death?
Is there life after death?
What is Soul?
What is Man?
Journey Towards Nothingness is the final documentation of Sudhakar Dikshit’s personal, life-long quest for knowledge and under-standing. Scholar, writer, publisher and teacher, Dikshit steeped himself in the ancient lore of the Upanishads and Vedanta. Fearless in his questioning, Dikshit’s writing is a distillate of many-sourced, but ultimately individual, wisdom and perception. His struggle is, nevertheless, a collective experience. He suggests answers only to discover that the final conundrum remains elusive. Each chapter is a milestone in a poignant journey. To follow Dikshit on his journey is an adventure in learning and discovery.


I commend this book to all seekers in pursuit of the Ultimate Reality, call it that, or call it God. Do not be dismayed. Dikshit is not a pretender. He knows his goal. He knows his way. He admits to his weaknesses. He has the courage to go his way.
-M V Kamath

Herein are the final philosophical reflections of a sage-like publisher of modern India. These parting discourses are the spiritual legacy Dikshit leaves behind, as his dissolving ego journeys to that state of nothingness.
-Dr S Weeraperuma


Foreword by M V Kamath
Remembering Sudhakar Dikshit-Dr S Weeraperuma
Towards Nothingness
Cosmic Mindscape
What Happens After Death?
Does Anyone Know What is What?
Being And Becoming
Ceaseless Change-With Ceaseless Continuity
Identitilessness is Merging Into Brahman
Can Mind be Non-Dual?
What is Reality?
Journey Towards Nothingness
Afterword by Mulk Raj Anand