The Healing Powers of Pyramid

The Healing Powers of Pyramid

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Author: R Venugopalan
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818056164X


There are many books available in the market that talk about the concept of Pyramids and its related history but they restrict themselves to the standard history and rarely touch the healing powers of the Pyramid. The current book will take you into a realm of Techniques of Pyramids that have been rarely discussed or even delved. This is the first part of two-volume set, but the coverage has been done in such a way that each volume would be complete in its own terms.

After going through this book you will find:

How the Pyramids functions and how they cover the cosmic energy to work towards the betterment of the universe.
Process of Mummification is covered in detail.
Relationship between Sri-Yantra and Pyramids and detailed method of construction of the Sri-Yanra.
Nearly 16 important and powerful Pyramid grids have been discussed with their colour photographs to guide you in this endeavour.
Cut-and-use colour Pyramids have been given for the benefit of everyday.
Many meditation techniques have been covered.

Truly a treatise on Pyramids & Meditational Methods




An Introduction to Pyramids
Brief How, What, Why of Pyramids???
Sources of Egyptian History
First Steps
Ancient Egyptian gods
Wonderful Ancient Egyptians
Mummification and After Life Journey
How the Pyramids Works & its Importance
The Power of Yantra, Tantra and Mantra
Indian Cosmic Pyramid-Sri Yantra
Construction of Sri Yantra
Photographs from the Land of Pharaoh
Pyramids Energy in Daily Use
Blank energy
Office Rest and Rejuvenation Technique
Pyramid Caps
Pyramids-Pyramid Formation
White Light Meditation
Violent Beam Techniques
Wish Boxes-Galore
Mystical Pyramid Techniques
Natural Pyramid
Shat Kone Siddhi
Power of the Eastern Direction
Power Technique of Earth
Harness the Power of Pyramid (Cut & Use Pyramids)
Power Grids