Ramayana - The Epic : For Children

Ramayana - The Epic : For Children

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Author: Kumar Jaimini Shastri
U J Shastri/
Editor(s): Asmita Bhatt / D D Dalvi
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8124307202


The Ramayana is one of the most widely read epics. How can we deprive our children of the opportunity to read this ancient classic literature? Keeping in mind, the age, interest and comprehension of our young readers, we are glad to publish the Ramayana.

This book, the Ramayana, is based on Valmeeki’s Ramayana. We are grateful to the authors of several authentic volumes, which we have referred to while writing this book.

The original Ramayana is a wonderful epic with many heroic characters, dramatic incidents and popular legends. We have attempted to judiciously select the characters and incidents with a view to capturing the imagination of the young readers. Written in simple and lucid language, this narrative is an edited version of the great epic.

To make the reading and comprehension of the Ramayana easier and more interesting, we have given Glossary and The Main Characters of the Ramayana at the end of the book. These will enable the young readers to remember the characters, names of cities and forests, and divine weapons.

The colourful and attractive pictures on every page will add to the beauty of this publication. We hope this book will encourage children to gain knowledge and inspire them to build a strong moral fiber.