Literary & Historical Studies in Indology

Literary & Historical Studies in Indology

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Author: V V Mirashi
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 1975
Language: English
Pages: 277
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120804171


This is the fifth collection of research articles of Dr Mirashi, dealing with various problems of Sanskrit literature, ancient Indian history, art and architecture. It contains twenty-seven articles grouped in four sections.

Section I deals with problems presented by several Sanskrit works, namely the lower limit of the date of the original Harivamsa, Kalapriyanatha mentioned in Bhavabhati's plays the identification of the date of Dhananjaya, the author of the Dvisandhana Kavya and the Namamala and the fixation of his date, the historical background of Rajasekhara's Viddhasalabhanjika etc. it gives also for the first time a detailed account for Soddhala's Udayasundarikatha. Finally, the much discussed technical term Mattavarani has received here a new interpretation suggested by a critical examination of Bharata's Natyasastra.

Section II has seven articles which discuss various controversial problems presented by the history of the Guptas, the Traikutakas, the Vishnukundins and the Silaharas of North Konkan. They either throw more light on the sources previously discovered or correct some erroneous views about them held so far.

Section III describes the coins in some hoards of the Satavahanas, Kshatrapas and Traikutakas, and reiterates the previous readings and interpretation of Mahisha coins after examining critically the objections raised against them.

Section IV contains five articles on various subjects such as the location of Ravana's Lanka, the religious denomination of the Caves at Dharasiva, the dates of the Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur and the Siva temple at Markandi etc. The last article shows how the recently published so-called historical work-the Ayyanavamsa-charita-is a modern forgery.






The Date of the Original Harivamsa
A Note on he Subhashitaratnakarandakakatha of Aryasura
Fresh Light on the Identification of Kalapriyanatha
The Dvisandhana Or Raghavapandaviya Kavya of Dhananjaya
The Namamala of Dhananjaya
The Author and the Date of the Kundamala Identification of Virapala in the Viddhasala-bhanjika
The Udayansundarikatha of Soddhala


Is Vijaya mentioned in the Nagarjunakonda Inscriptions the name of a Cyclic Year?
Some Aspects of the Ramagupta Problem
The Riddle of the Matvan Plates of the Traikutaka King Vikramasena: Saka Year 284.

Fresh Light on two New Grants of the Vishnukundins
Location of Vardhamanapura mentioned in Jinasena’s Harivamsa
New Light on the History of the Silaharas of North Konkan
An Odd Copper Plate of the Yadava King Ramachandra


The Identity of the Satavahana King Sivasri Pulumavi
Wategaon Hoard of Satavahana Coins
Two Kshatrapa Coins from Vidarbha
Dahigaon Hoard of Kshatrapa and Traikutaka Coins
The Find of a Vishnukundin Coin Near Nagpur
Numismatic Notes


Location of Ravana’s Lanka
Are the Caves at Dharasiva Buddhist or Jaina?
Who Built the Temple of Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur and When?
The Date of the Markandi Temples
The Ayyanavamsacharita: A Fake Sanskrit Historical Kavya


Coins of Pulumavi ad Skanda Satakani
Coins of Rudrasena III, Dahrasena and a Vishnukundin King
Coins of he Mahisha King Mana
Image of Parsvanatha in a Dharasiva Cave
Inscription at Markandi
Fake and Real Coins of the Chalukyas