Vishnu to the Rescue   (ILLUSTRATED)

Vishnu to the Rescue (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Anant Pai
Illustrator: Kamla Chanderakant / C M Vitankar
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175082828


Lord Vishnu is known as the Preserver in the holy Hindu trinity along with Brahma, the Creator, and Shiva, the Destroyer, Whenever evil is on the rise, Vishnu descends on earth to uphold righteousness, preserve justice and annihilate sin. The three stories in this Amar Chitra Katha illustrate instances when Vishnu himself comes down to earth to the aid of the faithful.

The story of Garuda is about the divine, mythical bird that has been greatly venerated in India through the ages. A stone flag-post, often covered with a metal plate bearing an image of Garuda on top, is invariably erected in front of the image of Lord Vishnu in all Vaishnavaite temples, as Garuda is considered to be one of the greatest devotees of Vishnu. This is know as the Garuda-Stambha or Garuda Pillar. The first story narrate the birth of Garuda and is based on the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata.

The story Prahlad is based on the Bhagawat Purana. Young Prahlad, an ardent devout, asserts that Vishnu is everywhere-even in the pillar that stands in front of him. On hearing this, Prahlad’s asura father, Hiranyakashipu, kicks the pillar. Vishnu then emerges from it in the form of Narasimha, the man-lion, and rescues Prahlad from Persecution.

The third story, the Churning of the Ocean, dramatically narrates how Vishnu assists the devas in procuring amrit, the divine nectar, from the Ocean of Milk. This story is from the Bhagawat Purana and the Mahabharata.




The Churning of the Ocean