A Compendious English -Tamil Dictionary

A Compendious English -Tamil Dictionary

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Author: Rev. G U Pope
Translator(s)/Editor: Rev. G U Pope
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1998
Language: multilingual
Pages: 108
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120603141


Nearly all the words introduced here are in common use. Those in small type are less useful words, or derivatives, or technical terms.

No attempt has been made to distinguish minute shades of meaning; every word should therefore be talked over with a Tamil man. This dictionary, while it contains nearly all the more useful words of the language, must be considered chiefly as a collection of Hints to aid the student in working with his teacher. Look out each word in the Tamil-English dictionary also!

The learner should commit a few words to memory each day, with a sentence!

For all pronouns and numbers, as well as for the formation of adverbs and interjections, see Index to the Handbook. You must understand word-building.

For adjective, look out their corresponding nouns, and compare 130-133.

When any English word is not found at once in the dictionary try the nearest synonym: what cannot be found in one place may be found in another! Thus, of the words lassitude, weariness, fatique, only one is given.

Words in brackets are either foreign words, or are such as should not be used without carefully ascertaining their precise value.