The Global Warming Scenario

The Global Warming Scenario

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Author: Satyesh C Chakraborty
Publisher: Thema
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 219
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186017593


In a series of essays, Dr Chakraborty offers an updated overview of the science and politics of global warming, raising as wide range of issues, and comes up with a rich stock of information in the process of documenting the latest findings. Maintaining a neutral distance in his global survey, in the Indian context he makes important policy suggestions that come out of his long involvement in planning.

This collection of essays may not, therefore, be seen as a textbook that follows a given syllabus on global warming. Nor are these essays placed at random. There is an underlying connectivity running through them, possibly one leading to the next. The essays have been written for those who know something about our environment and society, with the hope of instilling in them a further desire for deeper enquires. And I take the position that the theme of global warming does not necessarily call for a partisan spirit. It is an issue that demands patient comprehension.


SATYESH C CHAKRABORTY, with a Masters in Geography from Calcutta University and a PhD from London University, began his teaching career at Presidency College, Kolkata, in 1957, leaving it in 1972 to join Burdwan University as Professor and Head of the Department of Geography. He has lectured extensively in universities in India and abroad, and been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the City University of Iowa, and Distinguished Professor at Miyagi University, Japan.


Facing Controversies on Global Warming: A Layman’s Proposition
Amazing Features of Global Warming
Many Facets of Stress on Ice and Snow
Complex Realm of Biological Responses
Amazon Rainforest Preservation: Some Lessons
Protecting Agriculture
Voices of Declining Biodiversity
Two Inexplicable Features of the Environment
Why Should We Control Air Pollution?
Asian Brown Haze
The Kyoto Protocol and Our Tasks in India
Water Security, Rain Harvesting and Some Related Themes
Fate of the Kyoto Protocol
Does the Kyoto Protocol Ask for Change in Economic Systems?
Are we heading towards a real Ratification?
Global Responses to the Stand of Russia on the Kyoto Protocol