The Reverse Sweep - Confessions of a Cricket Junkie

The Reverse Sweep - Confessions of a Cricket Junkie

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Author: Gautam Bhimani
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 176
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129109271


In cricket, the reverse sweep stroke epitomizes unorthodoxy. It also symbolizes bravado. Sometimes foolhardiness. Most of all, it suggests a sense of adventure. All fairly in concurrence with Gautam Bhimani’s unique swashbuckling style of cricket presentation.

In his maiden venture between the covers, Bhimani takes the reader on a racy, anecdotal adventure across the geographically and culturally diverse world of cricket, in a tantalizing travelogue that endeavours to capture the unique character and flavour of the game, both on and off he field, in Reverse Sweep, Bhimani shares vivid memories of the idyllic settings, the crazy characters, the local traditions, the exotic explorations, and a few incapacitating incidents.


I’ve seen Gautam in various places, exploring things beyond the cricket field, making for interesting anecdotes from all his troubles and travels across the globe.
-Rahul Dravid

Gautam Bhimani, alias The Sunburnt Mosquito, is to reporting what Billy Bowden is to umpiring. They entertain us, they make us laugh and they remind us that cricket is just a game, but what a great game.
-Daryl Harper

In cricketing circles, the same hush follows Gautam, just like Bradman, but for all the wrong reasons.
-Cyrus Broacha

I’ve known him from his nappies, and one thing’s for sure, you’re never short of spice with Bhimani. Very Crafty too, he once smartly threw Wasim (Akram) and me into a tank full of hungry sharks, slimed out, and watched us form the outside!
-Navjot Singh Sidhu

Mushtaq Mohammed was the first batsman that I saw play the Reverse Sweep. That’s also what Gautam Bhimani has titled his collection of anecdotes from his own unique cricket career and I have no doubt it will captivate the readers with its cleverness as I was captivated by Mushtaq’s creating batting.
-Greg Chappell

He has guts taking panga with me in the nets! I thought I would be nice to him, but when he drove the third ball off the front foot, I said Ab tu gaya, bacchu!.
-Wasim Akram


GAUTAM BHIMANI was born on an auspicious cricketing date, 25 June, the date India played her first ever Test in 1932, also the date India won the World Cup in 1983. Cricket has been in his consciousness ever since. Six months after he joined ESPN in 2001, an off-beat story on the whacky ways to watch cricket sparked off a trend. A trend that subsequently saw him bring alive the lighter side of cricket. Bhimani has now covered international cricket in every single Test playing country other than Pakistan, as well as non-traditional venues like Sharjah, Toronto and Holland.


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