That Compassionate Touch of Ma Anandamayee

That Compassionate Touch of Ma Anandamayee

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Author: Narayan Chaudhuri
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 171
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120802101


Among all the living Godmen of India or for that matter even Godwomen, Ma Anandamayee is the most shining diamond in the luminous crown of contemporary Indian spiritual life. Initially known as a stranger village girl in what was then East Bengal (now Bangladesh), She grew up to be known as he miraculously compassionate Mata Anandamayee-Mother of Joy. Her acts of love and compassion to those around as well as away from her have become almost a legend, serving as a perennial source of faith in Her.

Each incident of this volume unmistakably shows that Mother lives solely for Her fellow-beings and for helping and guiding them to become pilgrims on the Supreme Path-the Path that leads to Self-realization, to supreme ultimate God Itself. Indeed, She is looked upon as an incarnation of unbounded divine compassion.

It is hoped that besides being popular with those who have already come in contact with Ma Anandamayee, this book will in general be sought by all hose who need an introduction to Her teachings and an inspiration to know more about Her.



Come Again

Now You May Take Over

Glimpses of Mother’s Divine Compassion

Strange Little Incidents Depicting

Mother’s Supernatural Glory

Mother’s Infinite Karuna

Mother-A Saint of the Highest Order

Some Memorable Answers

Lilamayee Ma

About the Organization and Institutions that have Group up Around Ma