Code Name God

Code Name God

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Author: Mani Bhaumik
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 222
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0144001039


The split between man and maker has long been widening, and many acknowledge that the wedge is science.

Is God Dead? Are religion and faith merely opiates of the masses? Till about four hundred years ago, belief in divine power dominated world thought. With developments in science and increasing philosophical skepticism, man appeared to lose faith in God. But science itself has proved to be a false god, leaving in its wake a disillusioned and despondent mankind.

In Code Name God, Mani Bhaumik, one of the pioneers of the laser technology that made the corrective eye surgery Lasik possible, demonstrates how both spirituality and science are essential for human beings and how one can strike a perfect balance between the two. The author, who as a youngster lived in Mahatma Gandhi’s camp, details his incredible rags-to-riches journey and his equally remarkable search for meaning in life, which make for a motivational saga as he strives to achieve the golden mean between science and spirituality.

Enriching and inspirational, Code Name God provides a simple and easy-to-understand scientific approach to faith and God-Realization.


The author’s personal odyssey, in the attempt to find common ground between Eastern spirituality and Western science is eloquently told and makes for fascinating reading.
-Fritjof Capra, author of the best-selling The Tao of Physics

The merging of matter and spirit, as presented in this book, might facilitate a much-needed evolutionary step forward in our capacity to love and be fair.
-Laura (Mrs Aldous) Huxley, founder of children: Our Ultimate Investment



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