Lullabies - MUSIC FOR INFANTS   (Music CD)

Lullabies - MUSIC FOR INFANTS (Music CD)

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Author: Bhavesh Bhatt
Artiste: Sudhir Khandekar / Chinmay Harshe /Santosh Mulekar
Publisher: Sagarika
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): TCC ADC E 800


Research world over suggests that music has a very positive effect on the overall development of infants and children. The proper kind of music soothes nerves, creates a peaceful atmosphere and comforts infants at all times.

Especially during bedtime, music has played a very important role since ancient times. Mother sooth babies to sleep with soft lullabies ever since known history of mankind. It is a natural instinct of the mother to sing the child to sleep Incorporating soft music & soothing lullabies into your babies bedtime routine can ensure that your baby, settles down peacefully to a good nights sleep. A good night sleep, rejuvenates your baby, keeps him/her happy and playful during the day. Apart from soothing the nerves and relaxing your baby, research also suggest that exposing your baby to soft instrumental music helps in improving the logic of the child.

This album carries following tracks:

Dream Fairy 5:15
Moon, Stars & the Little Fairy 3:38
Faraway Land 5:02
Pleasant Dreams 4:13
Smiling Flowers 4:03
(Ravindra Sangeet)
Mother’s Lullaby 3.59
Twinkle Twinkle 4:26
(Medley of Lullabies)
Brahms Lullaby 4:20