Meditation for Beginners - Techniques for Awareness, Mindfulness & Relaxation

Meditation for Beginners - Techniques for Awareness, Mindfulness & Relaxation

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Author: Stephanie Clement
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 243
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8180563111


Meditation is a safe, secure way for you to explore both the inner workings of your own mind and the out manifestations of transcendental reality. Along the way you will meet your own personality and make friends with all its facets-god, bad or otherwise.

You will also touch the larger nature of the Universe in ways that are profoundly comforting and healing. You will develop patience with yourself and others. Finally, you will gain insights from your contemplative experience that cannot be obtained any other way.

The process of meditation as discussed in this book is about focusing attention, not thoughts. In some systems, It is not even about focusing attention, but about relaxing the mind and body instead. Because there are many ways to meditate and many potential goals for meditation, there is no one definition that suits all the possibilities.


STEPHANIE CLEMENT has an MA in humanistic psychology and a PhD in transpersonal psychology. She is a professional astrologer and is a member of the board of directors of the American Federation of Astrologers. Stephanie is also a certified hypnotherapist and a faculty member of Kepler College.




What Exactly is Meditation Anyway
Your Mental Meditation Equipment
Why Meditate?
Getting Ready to Meditate
Concentration and Awareness
Be Kind to Yourself
Getting Past the first Step
Experiencing Insight and Intuition
Altered States of Consciousness
Thinking About Thinking
Yoga and Meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Walking Meditation
Athletic an Other Kinds of Performance
Dream Meditations
Tarot and Other Archetypal Meditations
Healing Meditation
Finding What Works for You
Identifying Personal Meditation Goals
Deepening Your Spiritual Life
Mapping Your Personal Creative Process
Creating a Meditation Space
Soul Mate Meditation
About the Divine
Space and Clarity